Teaching and learning

“There is a great focus on learning and social conscience. It is great to see the school seeking to challenge all students. It’s easy to make friends and there are plenty of opportunities to learn.”  


Learning dispositions 

At Mater Dei we recognise that we are all learners - students, parents and staff. Our community identified the qualities of successful 21st century learners and collectively formed our LIGHT dispositions. 

These serve as a guide for learning the Mater Dei Way. Learners at Mater Dei demonstrate the following.

  • Listening when they think of themselves as learners. They seek and act on feedback, reflect and set goals, and inquire and innovate.  
  • Including when they inspire others to learn. They value the perspectives of others, are empathetic and accept differences. 
  • Growing when they persist to be successful. They demonstrate a growth mindset, are willing to move beyond their comfort zone and persevere to learn.  
  • Honouring when they adapt and respond. They are resilient to difficulties, respect themselves, others and creation and self-regulate.  
  • Together when they are team players. They act in the service of others, are collaborative and act in the service of others. 

We use these learning dispositions in our conversations at home.”