Learning process

“The teachers make sure you know what you are learning. It’s a safe environment and the teachers are kind and give you feedback on your learning.” Mater Dei student

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The learning process at Mater Dei is explicitly used to enable learners to take control of their own learning. It helps them to articulate what they are learning and the next steps in their learning. We teach the learning process in every year level and this school-wide approach enables every student to understand what to learn, how to learn and what learning will come next.

Students move through primary school and grow as dynamic, independent learners and teachers refine their craft of engaging students in expert teaching and learning.

Teaching and learning is structured around the three steps of our learning process

  • build it
  • deepen it
  • transfer it.

Teachers match appropriate strategies to each phase of learning to maximise skill development and understanding, consolidate learning and provide opportunities for learning to be applied to different contexts.

“All my children’s teachers go beyond and show they genuinely care about each child. The whole school strategies for literacy and having a growth mindset are particular standouts for teachers being more visibly able to engage my child in their learning.” Mater Dei parent