Mission, vision and values

Mater Dei Vision


Our mission is to support children to become lifelong learners while facilitating the development of a solid spiritual, social and emotional, physical and academic foundation in order to provide children with the best chance possible of reaching their individual potential.


Illuminating the range of possibilities


Mater Dei Primary School’s Vision: “Illuminating the RANGE of possibilities” is based on five core values

Right relationships. We strive for genuine respectful relationships with each other and all creation, following in the footsteps of Jesus.  

A listening heart. A listening heart is at the core of our Good Samaritan spirituality and it calls us to actively listen with compassion, justice and hospitality to our neighbour.   

Nurturing potential. Mater Dei nurtures each person’s potential by providing a safe environment so that strengths can emerge and continue to grow.   

Grounded. Like a tree rooted in the earth, we need to be strong and firm in our beliefs and have a well-established sense of self. 

Empowered to participate. Everyone at Mater Dei is valued, included and able to participate in the life of the school and the wider community.  Empowered to participate, means having the confidence and skills to be all we can be.   

How we express our values

We express our values through our learning dispositions.

Listening. Think of yourself as a learner.
Including. Inspire others to learn.
Growing. Persist to be successful.
Honouring. Adapt and respond.
Together. Be a team player.